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My name is Anna, I'm 45 years old (yes, it's a current photo).
I'm clueless about makeup. I prefer skincare.

Let's talk:

Info for companies:

Lately I've been receiving a lot of sponsored review inquiries. While I am very grateful for your company's interest in my blog, I'd like to make a few things perfectly clear.

I live in Japan.
That means Japan Japan, not Japantown in San Francisco.
So if you are unwilling and/ or unable to send your product to Japan, read no further.

  1. All sponsored reviews will be marked as such.
  2. All reviews will be honest, unbiased, and the fact that you provided me with a free product will not affect my final opinion.
  3. In certain cases I reserve the right to refuse a review and send the product back to you.
  4. I do not accept compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for favorable reviews and mentions (unless you want to gift me a Tesla, then we definitely talk).

If you are still interested, feel free to contact me.

Thank you!


  1. Hello Anna,

    I've decided to write to you because: a/ I love reading and consulting the honest and informed reviews you post on your blog and b/ because, I realise we are about the same age (I'm 43) and in the multitude of 20-30-year-old asian skincare bloggers there are, to my knowledge, not enough that are in the same age group as me whose blogs I can consult to find age-relevant advice.
    My questions is whether you use products that contain AHAs, vitamin C as well as retinols (esp. over-the-counter ones) and if yes, I'd like to ask you to post reviews and advice.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Elena,
      My skin is very sensitive to AHAs and doesn't take too kindly to Vit C.I am still searching for the perfect Vitamin C serum that will not make me want to rip my face off. I'll let you know when I find it :-)

      Thank you so much for reading.

  2. Cześć Anna! Found your blog via reddit, and really enjoyed reading it, especially as my husband is Polish. Not only am I thinking of things in buy in Hong Kong when we travel through later in the year, but I can pretend I'm getting a Polish lesson later in the year.

    1. Hi Liza!
      Welcome to the blog!
      I need to add more Polish translations. Just never enough time... Buuuu...
      Enjoy HK!

  3. Hello Anna!!
    First, I want to say that you look amazing, stunningly pretty, and that the few post that I've read so far, have impressed me so much. I've just discovered you, but I think you do a great job here! And very detailed and honest. I like that.
    I'm a 28 year old european girl and truth is I don't go out in the sun much, I used to live in a humid tropical city until I moved to Europe last year. People say often I look much younger but this year I discovered I have many little wrinkles on my eye countour(specially noticeable 2 under my eye) I'm not good at taking care of my skincare. But I want to put a remedy to that.
    I wish you could do a post or recomend an skin care routine or products to use and how many times a day.
    I use shisheido pureness moisturicer as cream and the shisheido foam as the soap. and that's all I use once in the morning, and recently at night too. Any recomendations, brands or any tip from you, I will be so grateful for.

    Thank you so much your time. I hope you can answer me if it's not a very impossing request.
    (If I did ask for too much, I'm sorry. I'll still hope maybe you will add a skincare routine in the future or something.)

    Have a great day sweet Anna. Keep up this amazing blog!
    I'll be visiting again! and reading all your posts.
    -Beli :)

  4. Hi Anna,

    I just discovered your blog today looking for Cremorlab reviews. Boy did you open my eyes, thank you! The bull people put out to sell a product. I'm 53, American Chinese descent, and I've always loved honest, true reviews about products in general, but specifically with the new wave of Korean products. With companies, a sell is a sell so thank you so much for this honest, writing blog. I'll be reading more on the Korean products you've reviewed. I've bookmarked it for more reading!
    Cynthia :)

  5. Hey there! I just wanted to ask you for some advices because after reading your blog I feel like I can trust you! I have super dry skin with dry patches, I'm an NC15 in mac shade and I'm planning to buy the Hera UV mist ultra moisture cushion foundation. Which shade do you think would suite me the best? I'm also living in France do you know a trustworthly website where I can order my foundation? I saw some on ebay but I'm not sure they are real. Thank you so much for taking your time and helping me! Much love! -Dominika

  6. Hello Anna, I am here in the united states and was wondering where to obtain the Kuramoto Bijin products, love this site, thank you

  7. Czesc Anniu,
    trafilam na Twoj blog poszukujac dobrych azjatyckich kosmetykow pielegnacyjnych do twarzy. Czy moglabys zarekomedowac jakies marki ze strony Mam 44 lata, czas zaczyna mnie nadgryzac, a dokladnie moja skore :) Bylabym Ci zobowiazana za jakas sugestie. Jak zrozumialam z Twoich komentarzy na innym blogu nie polecasz pewnych marek dostepnych w Polsce, a masz rozeznanie co do tych dostepnych z zagranicy.
    Bede bardzo wdzieczna za podpowiedz

  8. Have you reviewed the chroma cleansing oil??


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